Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Origins of Manchester City Football Club

Welcome to Manchester Football History, a site that will provide new information and insights into the
history of Greater Manchester's football clubs. The first project - chosen because I am a City fan -  is
a book called A Man's Game: The Birth of Mancunian Football and the Origins of Manchester City
FCThe result of more than four years' research, it is one of the most detailed accounts of a football club's
formative years ever written. A paperback version is available to pre-order (UK only) lower down this

But this is not just a book for City fans. A Man's Game describes how association football emerged from
rugby's shadow, despite almost disappearing entirely from the city in 1879. It also contains discoveries
about United's early years, including new evidence that Newton Heath were formed in 1880, not 1878,
and how they were involved in a breakaway FA in 1884.

The book also details how Manchester's social reformers promoted team sports in order to keep young
men out of the pubs and bring about their “mental and moral improvement”, and how “Muscular” Christianity
was used to stem the flow of young men away from the Church. And it reveals how football developed its
own, less noble, culture, and how violence in the game soon reached dangerous - sometimes fatal - levels.

Over the next few days I'll be running stories about these, and the many other findings in the book,
including  new evidence of what St Mark's Reverend Arthur Connell was really like, and new information
about key figures in the club's history such as Lawrence Furniss and William Beastow.

For a club that has recently been accused of having “no history”,  A Man's Game shows how Manchester
City's formative years were actually interwoven with the rich and turbulent history of Manchester, the world's
first industrial city and one of the most important and influential centres of the Victorian world.

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